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Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Released: 2012-10-03

Annihilation Prequel – Psychic Beginnings (Annihilation Series) by Saxon Andrew


From the Number One International Bestselling Author Saxon Andrew comes the Prequel to the number one bestselling Annihilation Series. This book takes place a thousand years before the Annihilation Series when Earth was ravaged by world wars.

The first Gardner with unique abilities faces the coming destruction and attempts to save the world from the onrushing horrors.
From inner city street gangs to the jungles of South Vietnam, Anthony Gardner must follow a path to discover his talents before time runs out. The vision of the coming cataclysm is become clearer and there is no way to stop it from destroying those AG loves unless he finishes his quest.

Excerpt from Psychic Beginnings
The Defense Center under Cheyenne Mountain suddenly had major alarms go off at full blast. The Air Force General in charge yelled, “What’s going on?”
“Sir, we have hundreds of ICBMs lifting from China headed our way. Satellites confirm they are carrying nuclear payloads.”

“Get the silos online. Target their birds. Contact the Bomber Squadrons and get them off the ground.”

“Sir, the Bombers report that their bombs are not responding to their activation programs. The silos also report the missiles are not accepting any targeting coordinates.”


“Sir, all of our nuclear warheads are infected with a virus that has wiped out their storage capacity. We’re defenseless. Even the anti-missile system is not accepting uploads.”

The General looked back at the monitor and saw the missiles leaving China reach their apogee and turn toward targets in the United States. He cursed until the hardened warhead hit Cheyenne Mountain and vaporized the facility.

Review from Annihilation-Love Conquers All
This book blew me away. I read a LOT of science fiction and this book ranks in my top 50 of all time. Saxon's writing style is very interesting. There is no fluff, just directly to the point with incredible ideas and characters. There is a short prologue that will hook you so deep you have to read the book. A great ride, I am ordering the next installment right now!!!

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Drek Chiedo created the cover and The Indieditor did the editing.

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Author: Saxon Andrew Publisher: Saxon Andrew Publi.. Binding: Kindle Edition Language: English Pages: 265


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